just go for it!

Wednesday was a weird day for me, I woke up to great news and went to bed with great news!
Now let me say that my everydays' are not like this, and let me also back it up to Tuesday evening for you..

Tuesday was a completely normal day, nothing great, nothing bad.. normal.
I planned on bringing some materials out to the living room that night so I could work on inventory and 
watch The New Girl <-- which you should be watching!
As we got all comfy and watched a few different shows, as usual the laptop ended up open 
on my lap with twitter, facebook, pinterest and email open.

I'm not sure how it started, but I decided I wanted my hair things to get out more.
I always envied other shops that had 'press' sections with magazine covers and celebrities 
sporting their product like it was no big deal.  I didn't want to envy anymore.

So I wrote up a press letter and at 8:30pm I emailed a couple editors of magazines, 
a couple celebrity stylists and like 2 tv shows with the letter explaining who I am and what I do along with some photos of my products on models.  I closed the laptop and watched tv.
That night while falling asleep I thought to myself, 'Heather what the eff did you just do?!"
Ok so the worst that can happen is a) no response or b) a NO.
And I was ok with that.

I woke up Wednesday morning and had a couple friends that I was going to see
and do their hair (yep I still do it for my buddies!) I completely forgot about everything
as I was doing my friend Kristys' hair (aka wrecklessgirl aka ladylike) when an email popped up 
on my phone.. I had to read it a few times, but basically Seventeen Magazine 
wanted me to send them my hair goodies!  
They needed them by Monday at the latest for an ethereal shoot they were planning for 
a February issue (which could change) they wanted a good mix of products... 
& they wanted them from me!!!

(it was difficult to pick a new cover so i found some retro ones!)

Seventeen Magazine is geared towards girls & women ages 12-21 (yes huge age range!)
they have been published since 1944 and I don't know anyone that isn't familiar with them.
I want my products to have a wide range of lovers, from babies, to kids, teens to women.
So this opportunity is perfect!  I want a teen to wear one to prom, I want a women to wear one on her wedding day, I want a baby to wear one at their first photo shoot, a girl to wear one on her 7th birthday and you to wear one on a casual work day! Get it? I want them to be for everyone for any occasion =)

After talking with the accessories editor she had originally asked if she could get the items the next day, 
well I was in the middle of making some customs and trying to get the last of my orders out and there is no way I could/would neglect all of you that have got me here.. so when she said also mentioned Monday I was completely relieved!!  My mom came over on Thursday and we started figuring out designs, colors, etc.
And while I designed she finished my other orders (putting the backs on them, the labels & packaging!)

Seventeen wanted a mix of headbands, clips & halos.  The theme was ethereal. 
Now without seeing the wardrobe, makeup, set or models I just made up what I thought could work.

I had some previous designs that I haven't released yet that I threw in, 
and even some older things that I wasn't sure if I would ever release.. they all seemed to just work.

Things got a little crazy!

The one on the left is a braided headband that I haven't made in a while, but want to bring back.
(view here) the flower that is on it can be detached if desired!

this one is a tie on halo, so romantic!

When I made flowers last year for fun I had melted the edges, I decided to do that to the piece on the left to give it a more vintage dreamy look.  And the one on the right I've been saving since February I just revamped a hand cut flower I had made and never used (see here)

I also included these two 'embeltishments' they are larger pieces that have a slit through the back that you can easily slide a belt or ribbon through. You can even clip them to clothing or bags! 
I wasn't sure if they could use em, but they aren't ready for the shop yet so I just sent em!

Wednesday evening was Criminal Minds premiere, its weird we aren't huge tvshow diehards but for some reason this week we wanted to watch all the new shows.  I was still so high off the Seventeen news that when the show was on I said 'babe hand me the laptop, I'm going to find a way to message Penelope cause she wears all those hair accessories on the show!"  So around 9:45pm I sent her a twitter message and not even 5 min later we were having a 20min long twitter direct message conversation (she is amazingly hilarious!) and next week I'm sending her a box of goodies that she is going to try to wear on the show for me!!!
And yesterday I sent that package off to Seventeen Magazine.


Its still all a blur to me how my day went, but it was pretty damn cool.
The moral of this story is, GO AND GET IT!
Whatever you want, a job promotion, a new adventure, your boyfriend to propose lol.. whatever.
If you want it, you are the only one stopping yourself from going and getting it, 
so what are you waiting for?

{side note: mom thanks for all the help the last few days I appreciate you so much!!}


  1. Oh my goodness, girl ... I LOVE these pieces! They are absolutely stunning. :) What an inspiring and AWESOME post (and news!). You rock!

  2. Wow, that is awesome! Love all of your stuff - beautiful! Congrats!!!

  3. so cool!!! i've been a facebook fan for a while but this is the first time i comment here. congrats on such awesome accomplishments! and i love that you made it all happen yourself - very inspiring!

  4. Wow! How exciting!! Sometimes we just have to step out and try.... Love that you did and were blessed :)

  5. Holy freakin' wow Heather! That's insane and awesome. I gotta say though, I would set out to email someone important and somehow get some lil old man in NJ. Haha! Congrats...I'm going to take your advice and go rob a bank...{just trickin' I'm gonna work...sheesh...} ;)

  6. Major congratulations!!!!

    That is so wonderful! =D

  7. I am so happy for you! I agree - you have to go for it. People aren't just going to find you. You have to put yourself out there - which you did with major success :).

  8. You totally deserve it! You are an amazing creator and I think your stuff is beautiful. I can't wait to see your stuff in the mag and on Penelope (fingers crossed... I love that show)

  9. Loving the new pieces!!!

  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is SO awesome! I hope everything works out - your things are beautiful and it's completely deserved. Maybe I should buy some more before you get super-famous ;)

    ~ Andi

  11. Oh my gosh!!!! What an amazing position you have secured for yourself! YOU GO GIRL! That is UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING!!!!!

  12. You are such an inspiration in so many ways and I just love you. Cannot wait to see you in November. <3

  13. YEA! What an AWESOME week you are having! :) CONGRATULATIONS! All of your work is so beautiful! I'm so happy for you! Way to rock it, girl! ;)

  14. I can't even believe this! I am so happy for you and your success!! XOXO!
    {Going to the shop now... I NEED a tie on halo}


  15. These are gorgeous! So excited for you :) Looking forward to reading updates!

  16. Awesome! Good for you for having the courage to "put yourself out there"!! Congrats and best of blessings to you!

  17. That's so exciting! congratulations!!!! Be sure to let us know what issue they end up in, Id love to see it :)

    A Sweet Release

  18. Good for you, embracing your awesomeness and the awesomeness of your products! Congrats on the magazine shoot! I'm sure it'll be amazing

  19. It's about time your uniqueness, beautiful vision and hard work is discovered! Rich Blessings, I hope the best for you!! Very exciting and encouraging, Thank you!

  20. That is beyond cool!

  21. That is SO, SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!! :) :) You make me want to go conquer the world! :D

  22. these are all soooo soooo pretty girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! i absolutely LOVE the halo ones!!!! I think you NAILED "ethereal"! I don't even know how you whip these up so quickly and make them look so amazing! I am so so happy for you and the big bright future that awaits you!!
    xox dana

  23. You're awesome. THIS is awesome. All of this...AWESOME.
    Good for you for stepping out of your norms and reaching for more. It's SO deserved.
    Go team JLT!

  24. Congratulations! That's so exciting! :)

  25. this is SO awesome! Congrats!!!

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  27. YOU GO GIRL!!!! that's amazing!!!

  28. Awesome! I love your post & love that you decided to go out & get what you want! You're a great motivator to yourself as well as to others. Thanks so much for sharing & now we all should follow your lead!)

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    your things are beautiful!

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  32. congrats! that is so awesome!

    it is a true inspiration to me. i am looking for something else to inspire me and you just reminded me that i can just go out there and get it!!


  33. WOW WOWOOWWOWOWO! Amazing girl! that's freakin awesome! Congrats! I do LOVE some good news days. And this is just the inspiration I was looking for----JUST DO IT...AND GO DO IT YOURSELF! congrats girl!

  34. That is so cool!!! Congrats and good for you for going after what you want!!

  35. You are awesome! I only hope to one day create something that people will love and enjoy as much as we do your pieces!

  36. wowwwww congrats!!! you're so right! if you want it, do your best to get it! :D