With the last day of Summer 11 days away,
I thought I would share what this Summer meant to me.
{via cell phone photos!}

The Beginning of Wedding Season, and lots of pictures to take!

Oregon Summer Weddings, so hot... but so beautiful!

Yardsale Season!

The beauty of our surroundings!
Flower Gardens
 Farm Houses
 Lavender Fields

Hanging out at home more often.
Am I an amazing cook? Yes.
 Our new fire pit area we put in our backyard
 Some flowers that I managed to not murder, pretty damn proud of that.

It also meant taking in the small things, 
like lunch dates with friends and sunsets.

And although I do this all year round, I especially love thrifting in the Summer!

 Scored this bad boy in a carrying case for my mom for $19!

 Lots 'o Road Trips

 Summer Storms

Getting a new family member!!!
and making him not so camera shy.

 More time to create DIY projects for the home

And the not so fun part of Summer? 
Having the husband on the road during our 'on paper anniversary'
Thankfully he remembered!!

It was a fun one, but I seriously cannot wait for Fall! 


  1. looks like summer has treated you well!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I'm SO ready for Fall, too! :)
    Have a great week!

  3. Lovely memories <3

    So are you sad not photographing weddings anymore? That would be my ideal dream job. I just have no education on photography lol

    Aww hubbies gone on anniversaries are no fun. I'll be on the same boat with ya next month. Military jury duty. Lol

  4. Very fun : ) summer is great! ... do you have a different blog for your photography?

  5. totally swooning over that sewing machine and i don't even sew.

  6. Aww this was so cute! I must admit, I'm slightly jealous of your seasons. In Florida it will probably feel like summer until at least November! Not as awesome as it sounds.


    A Sweet Release

  7. may i know why is there a read blurry spot in each photo? xx