Lovely DIY Designs (wk 4)

Is it that time of week again already? 
Well if you are new here then let me just tell you about our project, real fast!
Basically the super rad Gina from Acute Designs and myself love pinterest (who doesn't?)
So we put our pins to good use, and each Wednesday one of us will show you a tutorial 
based off of something that we found via pinterest.. 
so basically we put our wasted time from pinning to good use by creating!
To get caught up view week 1 , 2 & 3

This week its my turn again and I'm showing you a quick and cute way to jazz up crepe paper.

This was insanely easy.. given I only made about two (but who's counting right?)

crepe paper rolls 

Just like my previous tutorial in week 2, I am using items that I already had available.
I purchased my crepe paper at the dollar tree in a 2 pack, 
a while ago and have just needed an excuse to use it!

First you want to do this sections at a time, to make sure your scissors can get through it.
Now I have a pair of shears that I heard GOD personally made, so I wasn't too worried.
But unless some angels have graced you these scissors from Heaven you may want take it slow!

I took something about 6ft.. Arthur inspected it for quality control before I was able to start the project.

 You will then loop (or fold) the crepe paper till you have something that is easy to hold.. 
mine was about 4 inches.. in this case size does matter.

Next up you will just start cutting into the edge of the paper to start the fringe look..
You will cut small slits into each side making sure not to cut all the way through
(sorry I was alone and couldn't really do this and take photos!)

Next uptake your paper that is now cut all the way around and grab one end.
 (use your beautiful brain and imagine this part because again I couldn't photograph!)
  Slowly take that end and pull lighting through your hands 
like you would a rope or a cord that you are gathering.  (sorta like this)
While doing this it will loosen the frays and slighting twist your paper to get it a more worn look.
And that's it!!!

I didn't have cool striped socks like the pinspiration photo,
but my toes still made an appearance 
with my pile of  fringey streamers!

*BTW I do have more then 6 toes.. 

Isn't crepe paper just so much fancier when all chopped up??

{airplant via domestic nest, print via lolipops, alcohol bottles via my hobby.. jk a yardsale}

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 you know if you have time for a small new addiction in your life!


  1. I cut Crepe paper like this when I make Pinatas! it gives it tons or character!

  2. Love it - so simple and fun.

  3. Oh pinterest makes me CRAZY in a good, good, good way!! i want to try more things than i could ever do in a lifetime. this fancy crepe paper is adorable!!!

  4. That turned out so cute! I am planning all kinds of fancy parties in my head now :)
    xo Allison

  5. What a fun way to make streamers more fun and girly!

  6. Hi Heather,

    I love this idea!! It makes streamers all more exciting!

    I love your blog, always fun, creative, and insightful.
    I'm a DIY girl too! I'd love it if you would follow back (never know how to put that out their without sound ridiculous) either way, I think you might like my stuff.

    :) Melanie V.

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