Pink Lemonade!

So last week I mentioned my new inventory "procedures" if you will.

Well I'm loving it, its easy to get inventory into the shop and
its so fun to come up with a new line each week!

I mentioned I would be updating the shop with

I guess I meant strawberry lemonade, or raspberry lemonade
and I really didnt want anyone to be confused with the name.
My adorable and uber talented blog buddy Paige
has a shop and blog named Pink Lemonade
(which you should check out)
and in no way did I mean to snag her name, I guess I was just inspired!

Head over to the shop for some new goodies.

and stay tuned next week for Farm Girl!


  1. I love your new line!! So gorgeous and I absolutely love the colors!! You are so talented

  2. so i might have just sat at my desk all day waiting for your shop update, pressing refresh on your etsy page! i finally got my hands on one of your lovely creations though! i kinda want another... hmmm.... so tempting!!!!!! I am so curious about what the Farm Girl collection could possibly look like though!!!
    xo dana

  3. Man, the ones I wanted are already sold!! :(

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pink lemonade line!

  5. Wow I love them alllll! Pink Lemonade is a very fitting name for these :o)

  6. ooohhhh, they are all sooo beautiful! You really do an awesome job! Can't wait to purchase my 1st one. :-)

  7. LOVE them! Wish I would have been online sooner tonight!

  8. you are incredible! i need one of your beautiful creations to wear


  9. I'm so in love with these!! I want one of each!

  10. Love this new line! It is absolutely beautiful!!!

  11. Anonymous08 July, 2011

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