Holiday Weekend Recap

I'm not super big on Holidays that fall on weekdays,
they just feel funny to me.

Yesterday didn't feel like 4th of July, it felt like Sunday,
and today feels like Monday!

..that all confuses me..

So here is my weekend wrap up:

I shot a wedding on Saturday
here is a little sneak peek

Sunday was spent relaxing & making all the new inventory for Pink Lemonade,
which will be released tonight!

And yesterday I spent the day hanging with the husband,
 before we headed to the annual BBQ of old people.
I call it that because its my parents neighbors and basically a bunch of old people go.
We go for the free food, and crude jokes.
(3 years in a row and it hasn't let us down!)

That full plate of food? Totally mine, I have no shame.
If you serve it I will eat it!

One of the old guests there, my mom.
I kid, I kid.. omg she is going to kill me!


Hope y'll had a great 4th!


  1. You are so funny! :) Love it.. all the hair accessories for pink lemonade look so gorgeous!

  2. Yay so cute!
    Love the feel of your photos

  3. my mum would actually fall out with me if i said something like that loL!

  4. looks like fun! it didn't feel like 4th of july for me either! i know what you mean!

  5. Haha! Hope you're not in too much trouble with your mom!

  6. could not agree more about the plate of food comment. i usually have 2 plates.