Ooh La La!

Love, Paris
is now in the shop!

Don't worry, this will be a 2 part release..
more to come later this week!


  1. OMG girl.. it is madness in your shop when you release a new theme! I had two picked out and was trying to decide between.. I finally decided and by then it was bought, so I go back to the other one and it was sold as well! DANG! haha That was so fast! Good for you girl! But dang, I need to be faster.. sucks being so indecisive! LOL

  2. they are all so pretty <3

  3. Geez girl...you are one talented lady! So thrilled I was able to snag a few things! I cannot WAIT to get them.

    Happy Weekend! :)


  4. Hi! I was just noticing your beautiful items on your blog and when I went to the store I didn't see as many listed. I am not a frequent Etsy user, so maybe this is a stupid question, but can a request something or is it just what you have posted? Thanks so much!