Monday = Pretty & Pictures

Todays Pretty

The Lonely Heart specializes in handmade personalized hearts made of wood,
 barbed wire, metal, paper, glass & more , to give as a gift to the one you love!
It's a home for hearts that are lonely and may have been forgotten over time.
They are a collection of hearts that have been handmade, re purposed, recycled
 or found sitting by themselves and forgotten or maybe even worse, never been loved.

Todays Pictures

Photographer and Blogger Andrea located in the Pacific Northwest,
is a self-taught photographer with dreamy images.
Ranging from film and digital, although she favors her Polaroid,
this UPPERCASE magazine contributor has a cool vibe that I love seeing through her camera lens!


  1. So cool, i've had that little ball of "i love you's" sitting in my etsy faves for a while! love it!
    xo dana

  2. AHHH the Marco Polo is in my hometown of good ol Albany! It's all gone now. I about died when I saw this!

  3. love to the love this Heather! the whole theme is gonna send me off to work today in the best of moods. thank you!

    gosh girl, after seeing the HIMH series i am feeling like a big sack o' poo for not contacting you again. gonna write a proper email when i get home tonight and see what's up again. plus i want to come back here and catch up more on goodness i've missed. ttys. xoox ♥