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{lindsay - scenic glory}

hello {just.lovely.things} readers! 
i am lindsay from scenic glory visiting you from lincoln, nebraska. 
 i am originally from the big city of chicago,
but there is so much to love about this small town that i now call home.

one of our (our being myself and my fabulous husband matthew)
 favorite things to do here is walk around the downtown haymarket,
have dinner at our favorite indian restaurant, eat ice cream
and on saturday mornings visit the local farmers market...

our downtown streets are lined with charming brick buildings,
local restaurants that are to die for and beautiful antique shops that i could live in.
when we are not visiting the haymarket you can probably find us in a few of our other favorite places...

- cherry on top -
 a fun yogurt place where you can customize your own tasty snack

 -playing mini golf -
 even though i'm no good at it i still love it!

- rocket fizz -
a fifties style soda pop shop...best place ever!! (and i don't even drink soda)

when we are not out and about we relax at home,
and spend some quality time with each other and our animal family -
brixa, our 170 lb great dane
 fig, our 7 lb chihuahua (yes we have a great dane and chihuahua!)
 and duma, our domestic bengal cat!

i hope you enjoyed the town tour of our favorite places! 
thank you again heather for having me!!

XO, lindsay

To get to know Lindsay from Scenic Glory better, and to see what keeps her busy in Nebraska,
visit her blog & shop, you won't be disappointed!


  1. soo cool! i love the idea of that pop shop!! your town looks so cute Lindsay!
    xo dana

  2. HIMH in NEBRASKA!! whoa whoa whoa!! love love the "good life." i graduated college in lincoln at UNL and called the city my home for 4 years. now i live a short hour drive away and enjoy visiting as much as i can. heading right on over to scenic glory to see a fellow nebraska blogger. thanks for the introduction, heather!


  3. Fabulous. Such amazing pictures!! Makes me want to visit Lincoln, stat!! Nice work, Lindsay. :)

    Heather, I have definitely not forgetton about my post for you!! The only thing holding me up is the pictures... I've been wanting to take a little photo safari around Austin so I can have some better pics for you!

    Will definitely have this to you asap... I'm hoping to take some pics today and tomorrow! :)

  4. yipee for great danes! i have two! love seeing other people's 'homes'

  5. How fun! I almost never see Nebraska bloggers! I'm from Lincoln (in AZ now) and really miss it. Great seeing shots of the Haymarket that I remember so fondly. :) Thanks, Lindsay!

  6. those are such awesome photos!

    love, little.

  7. Heather: I've been following your blog for awhile and I know you have an ETSY shop. I'd love to have you guest post or offer you a free add space!

    I know I don't have a lot of followers but it's free so no harm in putting it up for awhile!

    Let me know if you have any questions or want to take the offer!

    Fairdale Diaries

  8. my little fam stayed in lincoln on our way from salt lake city to st louis. it was super cute!!

    jenna duty


  9. omg can you please photograph my wedding if i ever get married? i love your aesthetic!


  10. i always think it's so funny when i'm looking for new blogs to discover and i see a guestpost or something similar by a blogger i'm already so familiar with.

    this series is a GREAT idea!

  11. WOW you guys are too cute!!! lovely photos!!!


  12. your town looks so much like mine! including the cherry on top!! love it :)


  13. What gorgeous pictures! Makes me want to head out to Nebraska pronto! Plus being from Chicago myself, I know what it feels like to be a transplant. :)

  14. Cuuuute! Who knew Nebraska was so hip and lovely?! (Said the girl from rural Minnesota) ;)