fabric covered button {diy}

This is seriously easily.
My tutorials always are and I feel so silly putting them up, but I like to share!

3 Supplies are all you need for this project:
-Cover Button Kit-
-Scrap of fabric (about 2"x2" no less)-

I purchased my button kit at our local sewing center for under $3
(you can totally find these online for cheaper, and with more buttons!)

To make a button you will need the white and blue parts of the kit,
one button front and one button back.

Next place your button front with the round edge down, over your scrap of fabric.

Take that piece and place it in the white part of your button maker,
with the edge of the material sticking out.
Then trim off excess, allowing about about 1/4 to remain and be shoved into the button back.

(first tucked in)                                        (after trimmed)

Take your fabric, tuck in all the edges and place back (with loop facing you) into the button.
Then take the blue part of the kit with the hole side down, press them together.
Fyi you will probably need to squeeze, more then press!

Um, that's it.  Stupidly easy right?

So perfect to create button rings, add to hair flowers, even for your own apparel creations!


  1. Adorable!! I totally appreciate easy tutorials that only require a few things. Long detailed DIYs where I need a million supplies are not my thing. This is great!

    XO Lindsay

  2. I got a kit for do that at Hobby Lobby last week and still haven't played with it! Quick and easy :)

  3. thanks so much for posting this!! i pinned it so that I can make it soon!!!

  4. LOVE this! I have been meaning to spruce up some cardis for a while and this might be just the push I need. ;)

    I love the "hi". ;)

  5. I love easy tutorials. It means it'll be something I can actually do! Thanks for posting. Now I'm off to the craft store to buy a button kit. :)

  6. I'm glad you posted this. I didn't know those kits existed!

  7. Love this! So cute I will defiantly try this!!!

  8. That might be stupid easy - but is so freaking cute!

  9. I had no idea those kits exisited either! Stupid easy projects are the best- especially when thy are this adorable. Thank you for sharing! :)


  10. this is so easy! i totally need to use this!
    thank you for the awesome DIY tutorial :)

  11. i never knew it was that easy :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. I SERIOUSLY can't tell you how excited I am for this! Thank you!!!!

  13. Linking back to you


  14. That little "hi" bubble at the end made me giggle!! I want to try some of these! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. i honestly had no idea these were so simple!!! have to get a button kit know.

  16. I love making fabric covered buttons! Yay for using up all the scraps!

  17. thanks for sharing! easy tutorials are the BEST!!

  18. regardless of how easy this is, it's adorable. thanks for posting!

  19. So cute! SOmething I wouldn't have thought of to try... now my mind is busy at work trying to think of what I can use a custom made button for... hmmmm... I don't sew....
    I'll think of something!
    Bookmarking this page! :)

  20. so glad you posted this. i've always wondered...

  21. This is SO cute and you're right, so easy! I'm all about saving time and maximum cuteness Thanks for posting!

  22. I love to make my own buttons/ear studs!
    Does someone know where to buy them cheap online??
    My local stores are pretty expensive..
    Eline S.