Summer Fields

With the new shop policies I posted yesterday,
and the duplicate shop being temporarily closed.
I have decided to make a few changes with how I present new inventory to you.

I would love to update the shop more often,
so each week I will introduce a new line to you.

To start they will all be similar in color, and inspired by something around me.
They will all be one of a kind, unless other wise noted in the inventory counts.

Today I would like you to meet
Summer Fields

Summers are beautiful in Oregon, and I'm inspired by the colorful sunsets I've been seeing.
Blue skies with peachy gray clouds.
Grass fields freshly cut and turning a light shade of tan.
River trips and cool breezes, warm nights perfect for long walks.
I'm an Oregon girl and I wouldn't have it any other way.

These 12 new lovelies are all in the shop now.. and I'm pleased to announce..
I now ship internationally!!!!!
Yep, everywhere =)

Next weeks new shop release will be
Pink Lemonade!
Think all shades of pink, yellow & cream!
{look for it on tuesday}

P.S I'm putting a few other pieces in the shop not related to these inventory releases,
that way the shop is always full for you!!

P.S *giveaway winners* if you ever see something you love and you have a credit,
but are afraid it might get sold.. purchase it quickly and leave a note for me in the instructions
about your credit.. i will then just refund you your credit amount!!



  1. i happened upon your etsy shop recently and I think I am in love!
    Honestly, I haven't worn a headband in about 15 years or so....but lately I have been obsessing over the right one to buy as I enter the world of headbands once again. I see a just lovely things purchase in my future :)

  2. Oh wow. The one that i wanted is already sold. That was fast. Next time I'll just have to be even faster. :)

  3. I'm an Oregon Girl born and raised and couldn't agree more!!!! I am sooo in love with the themed lines!!!
    So excited to see everything...hope the hubby is ready too Hahaha :)

  4. I need to get me one of these! Can't wait to see your pink lemonade collection,
    Xo Dana

  5. Anonymous01 July, 2011

    Just bought one :-) Can't wait till it comes!!! Thanks for the new additions!!

  6. LOVE the way you are running everything. YOU ROCK GIRL!

  7. Aren't you so excited that we finally have warm weather here?! I am looking so forward to this weekend and having it be in the 80s all weekend! :-) Loving it!

  8. what a brilliant idea! I have fallen in love with your designs!

  9. Such an amazing idea!! I have to say I am biting my nails for the pink lemonade collection!!! :)