a much needed update..

As I start this post, I just want to thank everyone so much for their support.
with this blog, the shop, being a fan on facebook.. etc.
Thanks it means the world to me!

I would like to update a few of my policies so that I can provide
 the best product possible to all of you (the new and the loyal).
But if I continue my business how it is right now, then it just wont work.

So today I just want to put up some new things that I will be implementing into this business.
I'm practically a one woman show (with the exception of help from my mom occasionally)
and since I own all of my businesses and this is my day job, I need to make things the way
I want them to be and the way they need to be to continue the success.

I seriously love what I do, but a few things have really been bothering me.

This is not Customer Service, it really bothers me that if someone has an order question or concern
 they feel a need to put it on my {just.lovely.things} wall for 1300+ people to read.
All concerns can be addressed to etsy conversation, or email.
I am in the process of setting up new emails to avoid things getting lost in spam,
so I will update you with that.. but for now, please leave it off the facebook.
Facebook is for new blog posts, promos, things I love to share and things you love to share.
Not Customer Service issues.
On the facebook page, under the profile picture hit the contact button to email me.

Maybe its just me, but I'm honored when I win something.
I don't have a feeling of entitlement, I feel happy.
That's not the case for some of the people I have come across when dealing with winners.
 (not all just a few) and that's sad to me.
So from now on giveaways are for shop credit "current inventory only listings"
there will be no custom orders, or duplicates available for "shop credit winnings"
Also giveaway winnings need to be claimed within 5 days of winning the giveaway,
meaning contact between us needs to be made within 5days via the host blog or directly to me.
(not 3 months after...!)

Are still the bulk of my business, but yet also the bulk of my stress.
Only because it means I have no time to create new things.
I slowly have dwindled down the list of what I'm working on, and how much I want to work on.
Last month I announced I would only do 10 per month, well with a list of 40 people right now that puts me 4 months out on orders.  Not cool to have people wait. I feel horrible doing that!
So I'm going to try something new, duplicate order requests will be closed until further notice.
If you have a request in or have already sent an email, no worries.
All others, you will be notified when duplicates are open again.
I'm trying to just make duplicates of each item I list, to help with this issue!

I'm currently in the process of starting an automated message system,
it will ensure that your email was received by me.
If you send an email and do not get an automated message it means your message didn't get to me.
Again I'm hoping this bug will be fixed with the new email system I will be starting.
I will let you know when this new system goes into effect!

Policies in the etsy store state "shipments are processed 2-5 BUSINESS days after purchase"
we had a few snags with a new local business we were shipping with,
also some returns due to zip code errors.
All issues have been fixed and you will receive your packages USPS priority.
I include delivery confirmation on all packages,
 but I do not automatically give you the tracking #, unless requested.
Shipments are sent to your etsy address (not paypal) on file, please verify its correct!


Ok so these were my top issues I wanted to address,
I'm super duper happy with this current passion of mine and just want to make it the best it can be.
I don't want to be some crazy rule lady, I just want to set some plans up that
will help further my business goals as I continue to grow and I hope you stick around with me.
I have some exciting things in the works!!

My number one priority in {just.lovely.things} is to provide you with quality handmade goods.
To package with love and care, and to be proud of you sporting something I made.
I love seeing how much you all adore the products,
 and for that reason I want this business to be the best it can be!

Thanks again for all your support,
and because I love you all items in the shop are 20% off use code: June30
(valid today only!)
and get excited for a new inventory update tomorrow, I'm introducing a new line..

(new info on inventory & collections tomorrow!)


  1. Sorry you've been dealing with some lameness! And I can't believe that anyone who won something would be rude! If I ever win a giveaway I would be stoked and gracious.

    Keep up the good work, lady!

  2. It's unfortunate you have to make a post like this but some folks just don't get it.

  3. I didnt want to make a post like this, believe me!

    I just hope I can nip bad habits or some mishaps in the bud, and continue have a fun & happy business!

  4. I feel bad that I was such a pest on facebook to you about my emails! I am so sorry for that and if I cause any extra stress! I guess I just didn't know how else to get a hold of you since email wasn't working (darn spam filter! lol) I usually like to contact people privately through email as well for most things.. not cause I feel I need to hide what I say or anything.. but just because its more professional, I think. And Im sure that's the same reason you want it that way too.

    But don't worry about sounding like a "crazy rule lady" I think all of this sounds just fine! You need to get policies stated and in order for what will work for you! If you are stressed and cant get work done, then you gotta do what you gotta do! Anyone who has their own business, or even trying to start one of their own should and will understand. :)
    I think you rock! And everything stated her sounds fair and right! :)

  5. You go girl! ;) So glad to hear your business is booming (apparently so much so that it warranted this post). Kudos to you for setting up some boundaries and making it clear. I appreciate when people can layout the most effective way to communicate with them--it seems like more of a win-win for everyone (no guessing games) and you don't have to wondering where you are in the pipeline. However, I do realize this probably wasn't the most fun to write. bleh.

    You are such a sweetheart and I'm glad you're finding ways to keep creating and blessing us all. :)


  6. Good for you for setting people straight! I don't understand how some people can be so rude. I <3 your shop/blog and with this new discount I may have to buy more lovely things!

  7. WEll said girl!! People never cease to amaze me..

  8. good for you! I'll have to keep those tips in mind while creating my little bus!

    New follower and "Liker" on FB!

  9. It's too bad that you have to lay stuff like this out for people who just don't get it - but I guess it's always good to be clear on your policies, right?! Sounds like your business is booming though, which is a good thing!!

  10. There are always the rude people that think for some reason they're entitled to more than anyone else...let the haters keep on, they're soooo missing out on beautiful products and such a fun blog!
    So excited for the new inventory! Love the name for this line! I like to come up with a 'line-theme' when I start creating.

  11. Sounds fair to me. ;) I am a new follower of your blog and your creations are so awesome! Iam hoping to be buying one in the near future. Keep up the good work ! hopefully you won't have to deal with rude people anymore.