window art (tutorial)

This is a super easy (& cheap) way to dress up a window.

I have some old windows hanging out that I've collected over time,
 so I just grabbed some paint $1, foam brush .39cents and a stencil $1 for a pack of 6 designs.
(all supplies besides window were purchased at jo-ann fabrics)

Originally I wanted to use all the colors and make a rainbow window..
but when you buy paint for $1 you risk the chance of all but 3 colors being dried up!
Boo for that.. but at least I got something out of it..

After I was done I actually thought using white paint with a paper doily stencil would be super pretty.
(so one of you should try that!)

I wanted my design on the inside, so I flipped my window over.
Lay your stencil where you want it, I chose the center of each window for a uniform look.
Then lightly tap the paint into the holes, I wanted a distressed (and un-perfect) look,
so I didn't mind if it wasn't completely filled in.

Repeat this step as many times as desired.. then let dry..

The mess is minimal, and I didn't clean my foam between colors.
I think that since it was gradually going to a darker color and the colors were all similar it was OK!

Flip your window over and BAM window cuteness in about 5 minutes!

Our detached garage is right next to my garden, so I plan on hanging it up to go with my super random
 frame and mirror collection that I started for this space!


  1. This is adorable! I so wish I had this. Have a great weekend.

  2. Anonymous20 May, 2011

    i really love the finished product! those 3 colors work really well together. thanks for sharing this fun project.

  3. I love your super random frame wall! What a cool idea. So great that you have a garden...I dont think there is anything better than picking your own homegrown fresh veggies

    Delighted Momma

  4. Super cute and easy. Love it! I think white paint with a doily as a stencil would be adorable too! :)

  5. Cute! Rubber stamps work really well too. The jewelry store I used to work at had a giant window we had to paint every few months. Free hand is WAY faster than stencils and stamps but if you can't draw (I can't) it's better to stick to what looks good! You window looks awesome. I need to find a window like that somewhere. It'd look awesome hanging above my bed.

  6. i love your super random frame and mirror collection. thanks for the DIY - I've had an old window sitting on my front porch for 2 years waiting to do something with it! this is a wonderful idea!

  7. this is awesome! pinned it ;-)

  8. Love it! What a fun idea ;)

  9. Super cute and creative, love it!

  10. Anonymous21 May, 2011

    SO cute! Girl, I could literally sit on your page ALL day & be inspired. I love love love your blog & all its goodness =)

  11. This is SO cool! I LOVE it :)

  12. that looks so good! i really like this-great idea! if i ever have a chance, i have to try this! also, great tutorial! :)

  13. That is so cool. Every time I check out your blog, I get so anxious to get my own place. Darn you! :)

  14. what an awesome idea! i cannot WAIT to get my own house so i can start decorating!

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    AlphabetSoup Style

  15. that's really cool! i love the look :)

  16. So stinking cute!! you are so creative!!!

  17. So stinking cute!! you are so creative!!!

  18. That wall is SO pretty!!!!! Love it!

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