I love my quirkiness: spread [your] love project!

I love myself.
Three simple words, that unfortunately in today’s world are seldom heard.
We are always trying to fix those little problems that we think are wrong with us
rather than embracing what the universe has blessed us with.
You should love yourself whether you are tall or short, or thick or thin…
remember that you are beautiful.

To help spread this message and help every woman realize her true beauty
Victoria of Garden of Eden Designs and Lindsay of Scenic Glory,
are asking you  (fellow bloggers, designers, crafters, and writers)
to come together and share why you love their-selves.
We as a community should show that all shapes and sizes are beautiful.
It is our spirits that should shine through.

I love my quirkiness.
I'm a big ball of random, a cluster of contradictory and a mess of likes & loves!
One day its glasses and a cardigan the next its a sundress and braids.
I just like to many things, and that's what makes me... well ME!
Today I could love vintage teacups and Billy Holiday, tomorrow it could be carnival rides and Tupac.
Whatever, wherever and whomever gets my attention.. they get all of it.
And I don't care how random it may be. =)


And now, I ask you to join in on our project. Lindsay and Victoria are declaring the week of
June 1st through June 8th Spread [your] Love week,
 and we want to know why you love yourself.
So take a photo of yourself with a sign and let us know why in a post.
 Help spread [your] love and promote positive body image for all our girls out there.
 And once your post is up, go link up with us here.
Your self-love post will remain there for the rest of the year to encourage others to love their-selves as well.

To help spread the word and encourage others to love their-selves as well, grab the badge below:



  1. This sounds like a great project :)
    Im definately going to get involved in that!
    all that glitters.♥

  2. I love this! I am joinging in! Just last week I was talking to a friend of mine about how hard it is to love yourself and how much emphasis media places on being perfect. What is perfect? Thanks so much for sharing. I will be spreading the word.

  3. Great idea. I might just have to join in on this one. :)

    ♥ sécia

  4. This is such a great idea!!! I would love to join in on this too :) I'll have to brainstorm on a fun picture idea!
    Star Hughes Living

  5. :) i love this idea! & your post is adorable

  6. Aw this is such a good idea! Im going to help spread the word! And you are so cute! Got to love randomness huh ? yup =] xx

  7. What a fabulous idea!! I love this :)

  8. I couldnt figure out how to link up but wanted to share