blog hijacking! {+ a giveaway!}

Hey you lovely little things!
You have no idea how happy my bones are to be meeting all of you today..
My name is Erin and I come from Living In Yellow,
a blog that was created a few months back to document the many joys in life both big & small...
Oh, and to bring a little bit of comic relief to those who read it.

You can read more about me {here}
Or read the answers to some of my questions below that the fabulous Heather asked me.
Speaking of questions...

{just.lovely.things interview with erin}

H: What are your favorite color combos right now?
E: Hands down, Yellow & Navy.
Not sure what it is about those two colors together,
but in my eyes it is beautiful, bold, fun, and sophisticated all at the same time.
And that my friends, is a success.

H: Your "About Me" section is so funny and candid, are you always like that?
E: Absolutely {candid that is. Funny? That is your decision to make}.
I am not shy when it comes to my flaws, awkward moments, and what my strengths/weaknesses are.
It keeps life humorous to be honest with yourself.
Even more humorous to share your honesty with others..

H: What are some of your goals you hope to accomplish this summer?
E: I have BIG goals for this summer which include:
Spending as many romantic evenings as possible with my husband
 dining outside and relaxing under our pergola,
soaking up the weekends with friends canoeing, making s'mores around a bonfire,
and partaking in a minimum of 3 random dance parties.
Oh, and to buy a new camera. Now I just need my husbands goals to align with that one...
As you can tell, I reach for the stars when it comes to setting goals..

H: Are any of those goals blog related?
E: On a more serious note, YES. My desire is to make lots and lots of more blogger friends.
You guys are seriously a huge happy spot in my day,
 so to gain more of you would be the best summer gift ever.
 Maybe even better than that camera I want? Maybe.

H: You said yourself that you dont create things, but you seem inspired by things..
what are some of the things that inspire you daily?
E: Great question. One I've never thought in all honesty.
I am inspired by people {food, music, nature, Target, etc to name a few more..}.
But seriously, people like you, friends, family, and my lover.
I love learning new things about people, meaning I ask A LOT of questions.
It is you people who breathe love, laughter, and inspiration into my life.
Without relationships we have nothing.
Phew, enough about me now...
The real reason I am here today is to share with you a little bit of Etsy inspiration I've encountered lately. Please tell me you gals are as obsessed as I and can magically spend 4 hours straight hopping from shop to shop while announcing out loud time & time again "Looooooove it"

Good, glad we are on the same page.
Lately I've been infatuated with all things "Beach Cottage Chic".
No, I do not live on the water, but that's just a minor detail in my book.
If its blue/white/nautical/anything in between...consider myself sold.
Wanna see what I mean?
Take a look.

{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}

If anybody is interested in going halfsies on a lake cottage pronto
 so we can garnish it in all of the above, please contact me.
Thank you so much Heather for allowing myself to introduce
me & and my Etsy loves to your readers!
You my friend are awesome and I am so blessed I've met you.
Oh and hey pretty kitties-come visit my page
 now thru June 5th to enter a giveaway from the best shop of all-
{just.lovely.things} where you can win this:

You don't want to miss out.
Love ya'll! XoXo, Erin.


  1. nice to meet you erin. i am into the anchors right now too

  2. What a fun interview! Going to check out your blog now. :)

  3. Great interview!

    ♥ sécia

  4. Great interview! The yellow/navy combination does look fabulous! And Heather, your blog is amazing. I love it! Nice work!


  5. This is such a cute interview!!! Love your summer goals and couldn't agree more with all of them. Stopping by your blog now - I can tell I like you already!
    Star Hughes Living

  6. cute post! loved it erin :) great job! i'm your newest follower {just.lovely.things} - LOVE your vintage feel on the blog - i may have to use some of your ideas!!