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Today's Pretty & Pictures

Today I'm featuring one shop with a studio tour & interview.
In honor of Alex going full time with her shop and blog in just a few short weeks,
I want to support my friend (& fellow local artisan) by sharing her with you!

{necklace from Pink Lemonade}

This is Alex.. and her adorable family!
check out her blog: its full of funny stories, diy crafts and yummy recipes!

Alex has a rad studio in her backyard off of her house that is her Oasis,
and she invited me to take some pics and do a little interview!

How did you get started with your shop/blog?
My wonderfully supportive husband and equally encouraging friend, Heather
 (shes talking about me, haha!).
They both convinced me to do a local crafters market that Heather was hosting, and I agreed!
 I was having so much fun making things for my son, friends and family,
 but I had always wanted to make items for market and have an online shop too.
 I guess I needed someone other than my husband to tell me that they believed in what I was making!
I’m so grateful I decided to pursue my passion….even if I did need a little kick in the tush!

What are your favorite colors right now {color combos}
I’m LOVING teal and grey together, and also mustard and turquoise
{I know it sounds odd, but they look amazing together!}

Where do you usually find inspiration?
I find inspiration all over the dang place!
 I can be in a second hand shop, the fabric store,
 outside, watching tv – or, I should say, making annoying comments as hubby watches NatGeo
{hello, elephant zippy pouch}
 Really, it could be a feeling, or a color or a texture…anything!

When do you find time to create?
I have a house fairy who goes around and makes sure my house is running in perfect order and that my toddler is taken care of so that I can craft and blog all day long. Don’t you have one of those?!
 Ok, truth is, this is a little tricky for me to balance right now.
I work part time and then try and squeeze in some crafting/blogging/packaging/email-returning
 and dinner preparation during Isaiah’s nap and then usually pick up where I left off once he goes to bed. However, I don’t work ALL SUMMER
{yes, I’m a little excited…hurry up June 15th!}
 and I have BIG plans for production.
 My mom is going to help watch Isaiah so I can dedicate more time to my shop! Eeeeep!

Without spilling the beans too much, what are your blog and shop plans for the upcoming year?
Oooooh, I get overly excited when I talk about this, so I’ll keep it short.
 New products for practical, stylish girls, expansion of my baby items,
 partnering with some amazing local talent, and participating in crafters markets!
 I’m having so much fun meeting new, encouraging and supportive people through the blogosphere
 {I really can’t stand that term for some reason but I need to use it!}
 and I’m so excited to continue those friendships and make even more!!

What are some of your must read blogs?
(click on any of the above to be taken directly to their blog)

How do you stay creative?
 For me, it helps if I keep things fresh, fun, new and exciting!
How do you get out of creative ruts?
Let’s be honest, being in a rut stinks….
and sometimes I’m just in a funk and don’t feel like doing anything!
 I find that it’s during times like those that it’s even more important for me
 to go out to my studio and just ‘be’.
Even if I head out there for a few minutes to respond to emails, or blog,
 I usually end up turning on Pandora and getting my craft on!

Do you have any business goals you specifically need to get checked off your list in the next year?
Yes, so many!
 Continuing to grow and expand, creating new products,
 offering international shipping & working with other amazing crafters…
the list goes on and on!

I can't wait to see what she has in store this year!
As a little thanks for stopping by gift to you readers, Alex is offering up a shop discount.

Don't forget to check out her Blog & Shop when you get a chance!


  1. She really does have a beautiful family.

  2. I just love this! What a great glimpse into an awesome artist's little world. I have to say I'm totally jealous that she has her own space all to herself! It's tempting to make the kids share a room just so I can craft in peace. Thanks for sharing!

  3. this makes me so happy! i love both of you chicadees!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOX

  4. Cute! Love her space.

    ♥ sécia

  5. Amazing studio - I am super jealous!

  6. Awesome workshop you've got set up there!

  7. I have one of her mini wallets, and I LOVE IT!!! It works so perfectly for business cards and gift cards and things that I don't need in my regular wallet, but want in my purse anyway.

  8. I love me some Alexandra Rose :) Her home studio is ADORABLE!

  9. i definitely need to get myself some of those little baskets for fabric scrappy bits. Currently i store mine in a vintage cooking pot! So the lid covers my mini bundle of mess! ive been reading your blog for a while now so I thought id stop n say hi!

  10. That studio is amazing!