not just for your hair

There are a few ways to wear your Just.Lovely.Things...
first off the headband can be worn many different ways around your head,
 but have you tried putting it around your wrist to make a lovely corsage inspired bracelet??

I will be adding Ruffle Cuffs to the shop soon
they are actual bracelets, not just headbands that you wrap around your wrist...
 (i love them!)

OOOOHHH the possibilities!

and with rings, shoe & hair clips and more coming to the shop,
your lovelies wont just be stuck on your head!


  1. so you've just not only inspired me today with all your lovely bloggy goodness but also this epic idea of a corsage bracelet is totally ace!!!

    i've clicked over from mandi's site after seeing your darling banner teaser and love your spot immensely. the design elements are stellar and your own shops wares really are beautiful.

    thank you for this insp and my wrist will never have been happier too. happy week wishes. ♥

  2. ha.. thanks!!! officially blog stalking you now =)raddddd design!

  3. LOVE the headband around the wrist, great tip!! You are sooo pretty and that purple is such a great color on you!!

    The Smith Circle

  4. oh that is my stunning friend and model Amanda!! =)

  5. SO pretty. SO SO SO pretty. & the flower is cute too! No, I'm just kidding. I crack myself up.
    <3 leigh