things i love tuesday

I'm in a dreamy, happy go lucky kind of mood...

This etsy shop: SkunkBoy Creations
These little guys are amazingly adorable,
I would have totally used a couple as a wedding cake topper and I could have avoided this horrible disaster..
Her blog is just as delightful as the shop!

This photoshoot: Denise Bovee
No matter what kind of photographs she takes, you can feel them.
Love. Happiness. Smiles. Laughter.. I suggest you check out her blog for more goodies

This song: Speaking a Dead Language (Joy Williams)
just the loveliest noise..

This sparkly goody: Confetti System
Imagine how cool their studio work space must be!


  1. Mikell Nielsen15 February, 2011

    i love your new happy colors Heather! :)

  2. i woke up on the right side of the bed today!