giveaway yo!

Do you like stuff? Do you like winning stuff?
umm do I really need to ask?

Then go get your cutie patooties over to The Shine Project!
She is hosting a little giveaway for yours truly

I have only recently met Ashley (who's stunning btw!),
and from the get go she is so sweet and positive.

Her blog is a mix of things she loves, great giveaways and stories plus
The Shine Project isn't just the name of her blog, but a way to live..
This is what The Shine Project is all about:
Going out of your comfort zone
to bring light to those who need hope.
The Shine Project emulates love, sacrifice, and

Go visit her blog and don't follow just to win one of my headbands,
 follow because you love what her blog is about and you want to support her wonderful adventure!

P.S.. if you do wanna win there are 5 ways, so head over there.. like now!


  1. just found your blog, love it!!!! xoxo

  2. gaaaa, don't know if i'm too late for this one but have been a loyal ashley follower for a while now so how did i miss this?! gonna check it out but quick. xo ♥