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From now til valentines (oh about 12 days) I will try to find you the cutest printables, crafts and other love inspired ideas
 for you (or the ones you love), your home and maybe even your closet!

Here is an adorbs printable from D.I.Y Louisville
you can click on the images to save/print/send/email/whateverelseyourheartdesires,
 I saved mine them cropped each individually to have individuals I then printed into a wallet size and I plan on just leaving with friends as a little "love you" surprise.. I feel sort of bad afterwards (but only for a second) because I don't write anything on them and their minds go wondering as to who their new secret admirer is, yep my friends are that nerdy and i wouldnt have it any other way!

On a side note, a mustache wearing a hat telling me that "I'm swell" pretty much made my Wednesday morning that much better! So you better use these darn things to their fullest potential =)

*you can also go directly to their site to save it, if my size isnt correct for you!

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