lets be dumb together, if only for a minute.

Do you ever just have one of those days when you are alone,
you do something so ridiculously stupid thank god no one saw and then its so funny that you have to share it?

Well I had that moment today.

I found a super too cute for words, yet i will type words to tell you about it place!
Seriously so sweet you want to eat accessories and just in time for Valentines (although I would sport the crap out of this stuff all year long!) Anyways I found her blog first and browsed a good 15min or more, which happened to be in some random language that I was completely unfamiliar with, given that I only know English and a couple things in Spanish like "donde esta el bano" and "chocolate" < because that's an easy one to remember! So as I browse the site with my OOOhhhhsss and AAAAhhhhs I can only imagine what the words mean. Probably how if you buy one of these gorgeous little rings with a slice of cake on it, that a real slice of cake would come with your package hand delivered by some guy in no shirt (of course I would have to arrange for shipping to be when my husband is at work so that I can sign for said package). Anyways I browse the site and find a couple of English thingies and miraculously find my way to her shop, probably because the word etsy stuck out like a sore thumb! As I browse her site I decide to check back to the blog and add it to my favorites when low and behold I discover a little thing at the top of the page that my computer has done for me (it must have felt bad at how dumb I looked), a translate button.. holy moly you can translate things!!! I thought you had to buy a computer in a different country or install some language package.. nope. =( I'm just an idiot that's all.

BUT!!! an idiot who found these lovelies.. and a story to share with you on how making a mistake can lead to something great! 
 Umm cute?? YES.

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