portland flower market

Flowerrrrrssss!!! Thats my thought every time I walk into the wholesale floral market here in Portland.  I remember the day I found out that I was eligible for a wholesale buyers pass (even though I'm not a florist) and thinking I finally made it.  Like I was given the secret knock or password to a cool kids club.

I get that its just flowers.. but like I said before.. FLOWERRRRRSSSS!! Since I'm one of those girls that writes "fresh flowers" down on their grocery shopping list, its no surprise that hitting up the market has become a weekly hobby.  I should mention they have house plants too and I'm saving all that goodness for another day!  In the meantime, there is not reason for this post today except to look at pretty florals- so have fun!

If you are local to Portland and haven't visited the market check them out here (there are a few different businesses located in the main warehouse).  If you are interested in getting a wholesale pass you just need to have a registered business and use flowers/plants/decor somehow for your business- examples include styling, resale, photography, etc.  Day passes are $10 to check the place out and a full pass is $40 (i think its for 6 months.. but you might want to verify!).  I definitely recommend just walking around, which you don't even need a pass for.  Its a great way to lift your spirits, because flowerrrrrrssss!!