goodbye summer (playlist)

Hey strangers!  I took an accidental (but much needed) summer vacation and I'm so happy to be back in this space because a lot is going on that I'd love to share.  First up though, I'm partnering with Intel 2 in 1 to bring you a fun playlist!  As summer slowly fades away I'm looking back at some songs I had on repeat.  I love making playlists for myself and seasonal ones are my favorite because when I go back and take a listen, I'm reminded of where I was or what I was doing when I heard them.  This summer I've been in my studio, with a bulk of my time spent developing my new shop and these tunes were my companions.  You can check out my playlist at the bottom of this post!

The Intel 2 in 1 made it easy to listen to my playlist while working,  without having the distraction of music blaring in my face when I needed to check my phone or work on the computer (because those devices are how I usually listen to music).  With laptop and tablet capabilities it was easy to get to the playlist link, flip the device over and have the touchscreen options to toggle between songs.  You can check out the Intel Advocate Experience to see how others are using their devices too!

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