solo sunday

I've been slowly working on my 33 wishes and along the way I'm becoming more surprised how checking off one thing from my list actually accomplishes a few extras that I didn't expect.  Today I decided to take a solo trip out to a Cistus Nursery, since its been on my list of local places to visit for awhile.  I was stuck behind the slowest farm truck ever, but I was in no rush.  I know it might seem like such a small thing to some- to practice patience or not cuss at idiot drivers, but sometimes I let those ugly traits get the best of me and forget to just chill out when I want to be somewhere.  Going for the drive, with no set time time limit and then wandering around the nursery by myself was exactly what I needed.

Summer seems to have just swooped on in to this year and I'm trying to take every day just a little more slowly than previous years.  I love autumn so usually I look forward to summer being over, but this time around I'm in no hurry.   Just like when I was behind that truck. These days, months and years are flying by and I'm over here pushing the breaks in hopes that every night when I go to bed, I know that I had a good day- or at least made an effort to.  

If that means slowing down to enjoy the now then thats exactly what I'll keep doing.  I have five months until my list of wishes is up and I get to start new, but right now I'm enjoying this one.  

I'm enjoying the now.

[all photos via iphone edited with vsco]

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