life lately

Well I took a good week off from everything (work/blog) to get us moved over and semi-sorta settled into our new place.  Moving from an airstream to a condo was one thing, moving from a condo to a much larger house was another.  We definitely have the bare minimum, yet somehow I have never felt so full.  Last night we got all cozied up with the pups and put on a movie, as I was laying there surrounded by boxes in our mostly empty space, it hit me that we bought a freaking house.  Still a little weird and amazing all at once.

For the most part- the move has been taking up a good chunk of our time around here.  Its fun to have something new to focus on that means so much to us.  I took most of the year off that we lived in the condo from purchasing too much decor to save money and because I knew we would't be there long, but I can't wait to start consciously bringing in items that will have meaning to us (like the terrarium I made above).  Brandon leaves again this next week to work in Peru for a month and I plan on using that time to get a few home projects done (which includes lots of paint), setting up my studio and launching my new shop!

Thats life lately, hows yours?

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