life according to instagram

I think my real life might argue that there is no photographic evidence on instagram of me wearing sweats until 3pm, having paint in my hair and not remembering the last time I made a home cooked meal.  However, I have no complaints about finding time in the messy everyday to venture out to a thursday evening farmers market, write more letters, visit a rock museum, enjoy the portland weather and smelling just enough flowers to get me through the day.

I've heard random complaints here and there on other blogs or articles about how instagram isn't real enough, how it only shows the pretty and I'm okay with that.  You have your own piles of laundry and dirty dishes so why would you want to see mine?  Choosing the good parts of our day that we want to remember is what stands out and makes an ordinary day just a bit better.  I love following others that think the same way, the ones that have the ability to share the good with the bad without compromising the quality of their feed.  We are so visually driven that those photos are what connect us, what make us want to read the stories and build the relationships.  Its one of the reasons I love the instagram community so much.

This is my life right now- according to instagram.  The prettier moments of each day that I get to hold on to.

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