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One week from today we will be moving into our new (to us) home!  I actually love moving around and knowing that we will be staying put for a while has been a bit scarier than the whole buying process itself.  I guess its time to just plant some roots down somewhere though and I'm more than ready to make a home.  One thing I'm excited for, is to look back on these weekend link posts and find some of the projects I shared that I can actually make for our own house now.  In the mean time I hope you find something to make, see & do!

this pretty painted wall art
a sunburst mirror
a healthier? snickers pie
these sweet guest favors

20 hipster home trends to love
this truthful post about affiliate links
inspirational art that gives to those in need
these giant paper pinatas!

read this if you've hit a creative block
take a free class with alt summit
check out the difference between motivation & inspiration (found via)
grab a copy of 45 pep talks

favorite blogs this week:
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