treasure finds: aurora mills

I love me some adventure, especially if the chance of me walking through aisles of overpriced old stuff is where it leads me.  On Saturday we ventured out to Aurora Mills, its about 35 minutes south of me and worth the little drive through the country.  Even though I want my life and everything in it to remain calm and simple, I love the feeling of browsing old cluttered shops with floor to ceiling nostaglia.  There was a time when I would leave with a car load of goodies from a place like this, but now its fun to walk away empty handed, but full hearted and imagine the stories that go along with all the old things.

For me, walking around and just looking at everything- seeing how it all lasted the test of time is so much more fulfilling than spending a day trying on clothes in a mall fitting room.  Something like this or something outdoors, those are the things that are good for my soul.   How about yours?

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