compensation in disappointment

In a month full of resolutions and new found motivation, I have found two contradicting feelings that I'm trying to work out.  Happiness & Failure.  Since my husband works out of the country for weeks at a time, I try to fill up that empty with mini-goals, projects, me-time and anything else that distracts the days of missing him.  This time around I knew he would be gone for a month and I really wanted to focus on my own health and weight, which is one of the main factors in my fertility issues.  Somehow all these days passed me by and instead of losing anything, I actually gained 5lbs and a lot more in other ways.

In the midst of this failure, I found small successes.
  • I explored new-to-me places in my city
  • Hosted my first event for West Elm
  • Didn't flake out once on any plans with friends
  • Met a few new friends too
  • Built a table for my studio (I've been dreaming about it for 10 months)
  • Started focusing on my new shop that I can't wait to open
  • Read 2 books
  • And tried a few new foods
These are all just a handful of things that stood out to me from this great month I had.  Even though I'm extremely disappointed that I slacked on something as little as working out a bit more or actually focusing on a healthy goal for myself, I made up for it in other ways.  Maybe those other things wouldn't have happened had I been busy counting calories and sweating it up in hot yoga.  The upside is that there is always next month and my 33 wishes can be worked on all year long!

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