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Last week I started a new Working from Home series, in case you missed it you can catch up here.  Today I'm continuing with my second guest to share a few tips on what helped her transition to being self-employed full time.

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Hey! My name is Jenny Highsmith and I've co-owned Maiedae for about 3 years now. But, it wasn't until this year that my business partner and I were able to quit our full time jobs (read more about that here) and work full-time creating graphic design. Prior to that, we both had been working 9-5 jobs and then coming home and working nights and weekends on Maiedae. As many of your probably know, it was exhausting. It's definitely difficult not having as much income as when I worked 2 jobs, but the fact that I am able to do what I love every day is so worth it. 

Transitioning to being full-time with our business was a little difficult at first, but there were a few things that really helped: 1) organization 2) time management and 3) having fun. We spend 2 days a week at her place, 2 days a week at my place, and 1 day a week working separately. Each hour is organized according to categories within our business so that we know exactly how much time we are spending each week in those areas and so that we can schedule out efficiently and effectively the things that we need to accomplish. It's extremely helpful when scheduling out our design clients to know how much time we have allotted each week - and how much of that is already taken up! It allows us to accurately estimate due dates and not over-book ourselves.  You can read more of the things I've learned working full-time here.

We also have our "inspiration/fun time" scheduled out, which may seem silly or contradictory at first. But, we are type of people who will work ourselves to death without taking a break if we don't force ourselves. So, it's really helpful to have even that time scheduled out to make sure that we actually do it. It's definitely hard to not feel pressure to get things done sooner, but I don't miss the pressure and exhaustion of working 24/7. There is a balance that is beautiful and right. 

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