this & that // 02

Happy Holidays friends, I hope you are having a wonderful end to your year.  I planned on posting a xmas recap and a post about my goals and intentions for next year, instead I thought I'd share something different. Last night a new instagram friend and I unintentionally posted almost identical photos (the first set below) and it reminded me how I shared this post back in August. I forgot all about it and have probably missed so many opportunities to share photos that I find on instagram that look so alike so I thought I'd revive this little project and try to share them a bit more.

I love the way we can see something similar and share it while unintentionally connecting with others that see things the same way too.  I don't know if any of these users know or even follow each other, but it brings a little joy to me when I see the images knowing we can experience the same things and connect with others from all over by accident.

I'll try to keep my eye open for these types of photos more often, its actually really fun when I find them.  In the mean time follow me on instagram if you aren't already! xo

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