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We are just finishing up our road-trip and I can't wait to share a little more about it next week.  We had to swing back by my parents house to pick up the pups (they LOVED their week on the farm), then its one more 4hr stretch of driving and we are home!  Now that the trip is out of the way I have this strong urge to just stay in.  I'm in that middle place where I know the holidays are here, but I'm putting them off as long as possible.  I'm not really in the spirit (yet) to decorate, so instead I've been gathering online inspiration for possible diy gifts and a few decor touches for our home.  How about you, are you in full holiday mode or putting it off too?

these delicate stone rings
a holiday colorblock garland
homemade chai latte
leather feather place cards
hot drink sleeve (aka hipster koozies)

what the Be Nice Box is all about!
a calendar i'd give up a lot of things for
these pretty pretty photo props
this man-site. its pretty killer.
if you like yourself more on social media too (a good read)

make some weekly intentions
read 5 truths to better your biz
snag a copy of the make your day diy ebook!
download this iphone wallpaper just in time for thanksgiving
read about vintage shopping mistakes to avoid

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