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Dwell: to live as a resident, reside. to exist in a given place or state.

Hi, I'm Aileen from At Home in Love and I'm super excited to share some photos of my kitchen here today. I'm all about creative and budget-friendly decorating ideas, and I really love simple DIY projects--especially since my reality doesn't quite match my Pinterest dreams, if you know what I mean. If I had my own house and an unlimited budget, my kitchen would have open shelving, a big island with butcher block counters, a deep farmhouse sink, and a SMEG fridge. But my husband and I live in a rental, so we're pretty much stuck with the kitchen we have. 

One thing that always annoyed me about our kitchen was the fridge. It's in the line of sight when you walk in our front door--and it's rather ugly. I was going to use removable wallpaper to cover it, but once I calculated how much we'd need to buy, but I couldn't quite justify the cost. So then, I had the idea to cover it with polka dots!  I used a small circle punch and gold contact paper. It was super easy and under $15--and it made our fridge so much less of an eyesore! In fact, I think it's actually pretty cute now. I wrote a post about the project here if you'd like to see more.

I've done a few other DIY projects to spice up our kitchen as well--like the kraft paper roll which I use for grocery lists, menu planning, and reminders. It's a $3 roll of painter's masking paper (you can get them at your local hardware store), hung from rope and eyelet hooks screwed into the wall. It was less than $10 for the whole project!  I also made all the magnets on our fridge (below)--see my tutorial for the concrete stars here.

Our dining room is right next to the kitchen, where we have a collection of mismatched chairs and meaningful decor items.  My favorite thing in this room is our hugging salt and pepper shakers, which we found at an antique mall. The sweetgrass flowers in the milk bottle are from our recent trip to Charleston, and the dining room light is another DIY--a curvy, thrifted lampshade that I stripped bare and wrapped with fabric.  Thanks for visiting!

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