carefully curated vol.2

In the midst of enjoying the season, it seems as though fall is slowly fading away and winter will be here shortly.  I still love it all- the cold, the cuddles, the layers and love.  As each day passes the craving for something simple seems stronger.  This morning I noticed another girl in my old town is opening an etsy shop (great for her & small business) and starting to blog, she mentioned 'following her dreams' and I wondered.. how did we all get this same dream.  Have you noticed that?  Where its like you make it by opening shop and becoming a blogger, networking, partnerships, brands and what not.  Don't get me wrong, I love what I do- but sometimes the over-saturation of the same stuff and the marketing of it all seems like so much.  Another reason sidebar ads will be making an exit from here very soon.  Anyways I'm rambling.

I think thats where the simple comes in, less pressure, more intent.. more of doing what you love to do it, not because everyone else is.  This edition of Carefully Curated seems to be what I'm feeling lately- finding love and sticking with it, making things from scratch and living with less while becoming more.

In case you missed this feature Carefully Curated, you can catch up on what its all about here.

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