birthday adventures

Today is the start of my birthday week (i turn 33 on wednesday, yikes!) and we originally had plans to hit up Vegas because we had a free stay at a hotel, but decided we really just aren't Vegas people.  I mean the road trip part getting there would be fun, checking out the neon boneyard was on my list of things to do and we even thought of venturing 4hrs down to the Grand Canyon, but nothing else seemed that appealing to us. We are pnw people through and through- give us a good cup of coffee, a foggy morning, some plaid and maybe throw in a hike to call it a good time.

-snippets from my parents house this weekend-

We chose instead to do what we know and that's stay in the Pacific Northwest and just adventure with no set plans.  We have been all over our own state of Oregon, but haven't visited Washington much so we are making a week of it and hitting the road.  Our first stop was to head south to my parents house on Saturday to drop off the pups at their farm and visit with them for a couple of days before heading out.  Although I don't ever want to move back to Southern Oregon, I like visiting my family out away from everything.  We are going to hit the road today and have no plans of where to go or what to see.  I can't wait!

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