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So its the last day of August and I'm not sure how the weather is where you live, but here in Portland its gray and perfect with bits of random sunshine sprinkled in (although its supposed to start getting clear & warm again soon).  Anyways it makes for days or nights in just perfect and last night my friend Andrea and I had a lady date at her house with wine, pizza, a movie and butter cake.  Are you aware of butter cake?  I'm pretty sure it was invented by Paula Deen as its pure evil, booter and oail, but oh-my-sweet-thighs its the most amazing thing ever.  Until you are finished, then its the most horrible thing you ever did.  I plan on using this weekend to work it off! =)

super simple (& affordable) bookends
some yummy fruit rollups aka fruitleather
this giant reclaimed wood chalkboard
a mug meal!
your cabinets over with some adhesive paper

GIRLS gifs because they make everything better.
these pretty little collections
this insanely gorgeous bedroom- can i have it all??
if you aren't hungry after browsing these recipes
this swimming with giants (whale sharks) video!

put this background on your desktop
or maybe this one!
check out this new site to buy & sell secondhand
take 15% off your first purchase at scoutmob!
get to rollin, the bicycle cruiser I have is on sale again =)

5 favorite blogs this week:
endlessly enraptured
in between idols
susannah conway
oh, hello friend

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