the newest

I'd like to introduce you to Eddie.  He is the newest addition to our family and although we are trying to keep up with all his energy and lots of potty breaks, its worth it.  He is a 12wk old Frenchie/Boston mix and his cuteness should be illegal.

If you follow me on instagram than you know that 3wks ago we tried to adopt a different pup and it didn't work out, if you dont I will catch you up with the short version.  Basically we got a pup through the humane society- unfortunately he was adopted out at the end of the night and a few things were overlooked including policies being broken or skipped over.  Less than 24 hours we were faced with a very sick puppy, a vet bill piling up and lots of confusion.  Within 48hrs he was already back at the shelter, all rights surrendered (per their rules for treating sick animals) and practically dying.  Another day passed and the shelter was issuing us a full refund not sure if he would make it, but would keep us updated.  Later that week with his treatment not even finished he was re-listed on their website and adopted back out without letting us know.

It was emotionally draining.  We wanted to give Arthur a companion and adopt-not-shop, we gave him a name, they got along and we introduced him as our own. But it just didn't work out and I told myself not to rush into anything, but to keep an eye out still.  BAM- enter this little guy! We found him through another rescue a week later and a week after that he was home with us.  The place we adopted from actually has a plan that includes health insurance so we snapped it right up to make sure we were covered in case any problems come up.  So far so good, but the safety we feel makes the experience so much better- not to mention him and Arthur are total buds already!

I know accidents happen and tons of people obviously adopt of shelters & the humane society everyday with no problems, but for us it just didn't work out and I'm glad they made it right.  I don't know what happened to Murphy except he did make it and he was re-adopted, I just hope that he went to an amazing home and is as happy of a little pup as Eddie. xo

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