online education: summer school

I have this constant desire and almost obsessive need to keep learning things.  Anything.  I love reading, browsing online, visiting museums- anything to soak up information.  One of my favorite resources for my online life is the Alt Summit Channel.  It is full of classes (some free) that help you take a step towards greatness when it comes to your blog or business.

There are always a handful of classes to choose from and they are insanely easy to register for.  If the class isn't free then its $15 (& well worth it), after you sign up you are sent a reminder email - i always add it to my calendar on my phone as well- and you are sent another reminder via email 60min before the class starts.

Once you are in- you will have a little meet & greet with other attendees, take the course, ask questions and sometimes get a take home of info (usually files from the presentation).  Not only is it an easy way to learn something new, but the networking with other attendees is sometimes the best part!  

I'm registered for 3 of the current classes listed and hope to see a few of you there, taking a few over at Lynda and for fun this summer of love journaling class.  If you know of any classes that you think I would love, please share! And if you have ever thought of starting your own e-course check out Craft Course, its a simple program that lets you build it all on your own.  Summer school is in session!

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