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Dwell: to live as a resident, reside.  to exist in a given place or state.

Today the ladies from Small Fry are joining in on the Dwell series!  Each of them is sharing a space in their home and telling a little bit about why they love it.  If you aren't familiar with SF you should be, its a childrens lifestyle blog- and although I don't have kiddos yet, I still love it!  They share all things cool for little people, happy stories and family friendly businesses.  Make sure to vist them and say hi =)

Our living spaces have a pretty open floor plan, so the kitchen spills into the dining room, which spills into the family room. It used to drive me crazy, it seemed that all the clutter ended up in this space, but I've learned to love it. Whether we're eating a meal, watching a movie, working on a project, or coloring at the table, we're all together. 

We love to play in my oldest son Quinn's room. It's a playful, light, sunny room where we read books on the bed or play games on the floor. I love the storage in this room & how easily things can be picked up, put away & the room looks good as new! The rest of my house is more muted tones with greys, blues & browns and so i love to be in this room for it's bright, bold & fun energy. What I love most of all about this room is it feels as happy as my little boy Quinn is, it's just a joyous place to dwell!

This photo of our dining area represents perfectly where we Dwell. So much of our time is spent around this table (or if im being completely honest, around tables at restaurants), but a table none the less.Surrounded by family, and friends, great conversations and of course, delicious food.  For us, a Dwelling spot is where we are comfortable, happy and together. 

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