dwell: casey leigh

Although I tend to focus on indie business & the handmade community here, I still have many interests.  Most include home decor, music, thrifting, coffee, good books & lip gloss.  I have been wanting to start this project for a while in sharing my love for home decor and am excited to introduce Dwell to the blog today.

Dwell: to live as a resident, reside.  to exist in a given place or state.

Our homes are our hearts.  They are a reflection of our style.  The place we build and keep memories, dreams, love, struggles.. you name it.  They are the spaces and places that make up a home and I've invited some friends to share this part of their lives with us.  This weekly feature kicks off today with my beautiful friend Casey, enjoy!

Hi! My name is Casey Wiegand and I blog over at CaseyLeigh

My favorite spots in our home are the spots created for my little ones. Their rooms hold so much heart. So many beautiful memories are made in these spaces and so much of my soul is in these corners of our home. Today I am sharing bits and pieces of their spaces. 

I have three little ones and these spots are created for them. These are beautiful spaces where they can play, imagine, dream and dwell. 

 photo _MG_0065edit.jpg photo _MG_0200edit.jpg photo _MG_0116edit.jpg photo _MG_0047edit.jpg photo _MG_0040edit.jpg
To find out more about Casey check her out here: blog: instagram: facebook

Do you have a beautiful & unique home, room or even spot in your house that you would like to share?
Email: blog@justlove.ly (subject: dwell) to be considered. xo


  1. lindsey burns01 May, 2013

    this space is beautiful & so unique and your babies are just precious! thanks for sharing

  2. Anonymous01 May, 2013

    I love how personal the decor is, it doesnt look like all that cheap matchy baby stuff from a store- this is what memories and real life looks like!

    andrea blacklock

  3. What an inspiring and cozy space. Looks very inviting and comfortable.

  4. such a sweet space! love this new series idea, heather :).

  5. i really, really love this.
    (but hey, the links to her blog aren't working...)
    the alcove

  6. Lovely spaces. :) Thanks for sharing.

  7. That is the coolest kids room, it's only missing a little library. Then I would want to move in. Loving the little teepee.

  8. Love this new series idea! I'm a long-time follower of Casey's blog and I just love what she has done with her home. Looks so cozy and loved:)

  9. Hello, I saw you from Olive & Ivy's blog. This space is so gorgeous & cozy. I would love to create an environment like this for my babes. Absolutely beautiful.

  10. I love Casey's home. So eclectic and loved...

  11. I'm soo excited about this new series! I love looking at people's creative interiors and this house is so eclectic and sweet. I love the comforter, all the cute little bunting, and that it just seems like the epitome of a creative "den." Love it! :)


  12. this house has such a nice warm and cosy and homely feel, love love love it and a nice change from the clean white surfaces you see everywhere! This last picture is a beaut too x