weekend links / 13

Hi friends, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  For me, it was all about business planning.  A lot happened this week (beginnings and endings that I will share here soon!), but it has given me a new focus that I can't ignore and the print below is perfect for it. I've also been on a studio kick as I get my work space to be everything I want it to be, or everything it can be in this little condo of ours!

Lastly I have been driven with a huge desire to create and can't wait to share that here more often. Earlier this week a friend mentioned how I was number twenty-three on blog lovin diy blogs and it was so funny to me because last year I was number nine!  Obviously the creativity fell off my plate, but I want to find it again (3 second rule??).  I want to gobble up as many projects as I can, it really is a huge passion of mine that goes hand in hand with my lifestyle and interests.

motivational monday by eliza cerdeiros

a round up of inspirational work spaces by modern buttercup

a tutorial for garden and plant markers

a smoothie! check out 52wks of smoothies by miss indie (yummm!)
this adorable book clutch!
a new drink- try this chipotle whiskey sour
a star light garland.. this is super cute!
something, anything... check out all these projects by fox & hazel.

a cute & quick home tour via deer circus
5 crushes then & now- i'm still digging joseph gordan-levitt!
these insanely cute sunglasses- i wonder if they would bug me though..?
some creative job openings in the l.a area (dream jobs!)
if you won't be overwhelmed with all the resources oh my handmade shares

Listen to some of these playlists, i love the mixes that kelly ann creates!
make a messy fishtail like this, its so perfect for spring
giggle at the white house and their new tumblr account =)
check out these sweet and simple blog designs
find new blogs to read or advertise with here!

VISIT (favorite blogs of the week):
treasures and travels seriously i love love love these girls
blythe ponytail parades been following a while, but adoring more this week
yesterdays sweetheart new to me read that i'm totally swooning over

Check out previous weekend links here. xo


  1. love this post! I seriously just opened like every link in a new tab and now i'm off to check them all out, haha

  2. I opened all links as well and one hour later my brain exploded in joy!


  3. excited to hear about what is coming your way!
    you're always #1 in my heart! (haha, okay so corny, but so true!)


  4. lindsey burns28 April, 2013

    I seriously LOVE when you do these posts, you always find stuff that I dig and never knew existed! Thanks for sharing =)

  5. OMGOSH so much good stuff! I really want to make those plant markers with my daughter and I just added the play lists to my bookmarks, thanks (kc)

  6. You know what I just watched the best video over at Swiss Miss and I think you will love it as well here it is: http://www.swiss-miss.com/2013/04/the-secret-of-success-in-creative-work.html

    1. thanks so much for sharing, going to watch this with a cup of coffee in just a bit! i love swiss miss and always forget to check her blog for weeks, so i have a lot of catching up!

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