the things that made my week

If you follow me on instagram, then please forgive the re-post of these images.  I like to share them for some of my friends & family that don't have the good-ol-gram.  If you aren't following, my name there is @thingslovely come say hi! But for now these are some of the things that made my week!
spring planting & a dirty mani // decorating our very empty home
some new kicks // a smoothie fix- have any favorite recipes??
visiting a legit barbershop for the husband // uh- amazing lunch.... and yes i did pig out.
a ryan gosling coloring book, because obviously // and a girls night out

And in between these fun photos I had days of laying in my pjs, zit cream on my face, a messy house and dog walks where I forgot to take a baggie for Arthurs accomplishments on the community lawn (yeah i'm that person occasionally i guess?).  It was normal week and I like those.


  1. Love your living room set up, and the Ryan Gosling colouring book is hilarious! Wish I could find one:)

  2. I'm dying over that Ryan Gosling coloring book! For a second, I thought you DREW him. I was impressed. That being said, I'm still impressed that you have a Ryan Gosling coloring book. Love.

    1. Ha! Isn't it amazing? I got it from Urban Outfitters, but I've seen it on amazon too =)

  3. Absolutely LOVE your coffee table!