inspiration: coachella

Hold on to your inner flower child, the Coachella music festival is in full swing.  My favorite part is checking out the fashion trends as they seem to influence styles for a carefree summer.  If you aren't familiar with Coachella, you are missing out.  Dating back to the mid to late 90's its a yearly event full of music from a variety of genres staged in a southern California desert.  Each year they come out with their roster of artists so I try to make playlists that make me feel like I'm there too, with attendance at over 80,000 last year I think I'm okay with my little at home music festival.  You can watch a live stream of event on their website here.

Coachella style is effortless, young, nostalgic of out door shows from the 70s and just plain pretty.  Bangles on bangles on bangles.  Frayed jean shorts on tanned legs, florals, crowns, sunnies.  Its all there.  And its all perfect.

Even if you aren't the festival type, you can't deny the inspiration that is created by the music and fashion coming from it.  So make a play list, put a flower in your hair and have a great weekend!


  1. Dreamy, I'm sad it's so far from the UK as I'd love to be dancing in sun! Blur was the first band I saw back in the day of Britpop and pixie haircuts, good memories!

    Gemma typically.pretty.english

  2. Coachella Festival seems fantasy.

  3. I love boho fashion!

  4. this festival seems to be soo huge over there .. i read it almost everywhere! and there are great bands/singers/djs .. wow*