weekend links / 10

Last week there was a little twitter chat about community engagement on blogs.  We are all so guilty of it, you know lurking.  So I tried to encourage some to go visit a few of their favorite blogs and leave a comment.  It was actually so sweet to see the love.  I thought I would continue with that love and check out my friends and advertisers to see what they were up to that I think you would want to see, I hope you like these finds!

- the sweetest locket (i have a soft spot for hot air balloons) by barberry & lace

photobooth photos on picmonkey
time to listen to this playlist and grab the calendar while you're at it
.... and grab this playlist too!
an inspiration board for room decor plans.

the Olive & Ivy make-over, I love Chelseas design!
this swoon worthy initial ring.
five mistakes bloggers make (& how to fix them).

go visit the five one six shop, oh and ah.
grab an Indie Gift Box- seriously run over there & don't miss it!
check out a beauty tutorial- eyebrow love.
clean your oven the safe and natural way!

I would love to visit some of your favorite finds, share below! xo


  1. Thanks for including my post :) Love all the other finds!

  2. I'm loving the locket! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing, gorgeous pictures!


  4. Love this! I shared some of your headbands and hairpieces on a blog post of mine last week! You have the best stuff. Unique and fun and colorful. Love it all.

  5. Thanks for the amazing tips! I love love love the playlists they had :) Always looking for something new! Followed because of Olive & Ivy - loving your blog! Amazing layout! xoxox