the business of blogging

Hi friends!  After a week long (unplannned, but much needed) break, I'm back and really excited to share this post with you today.  If you are fans of Victoria Hudgins over at A Subtle Revelry (one of my very favorite blogs!), you probably already know about her e-course The Business of Blogging.  If you aren't then stick around to learn a little more and use a discount to sign up for the course yourself!

The Business of Blogging is a mentorship in the shape of a four week course that takes your blog and helps you turn it into a business.  With the end result of your blog becoming a profitable + sustainable business no matter your niche, this e-course presents you with the tools and know how in getting you there.

When a course is offered up by the Editorial Director of Altitude Design Summit, its something you know that will be worth it.  From personal consultations consisting of real advice from a professional blogger to assigned weekly lessons, it provides an interactive learning structure that allows you to learn about the business of blogging in a way that's catered to you.  

Its a great investment (& don't forget write off!) for your blog, brand & business that you shouldn't skip.  You and your site are worth learning about this so I hope you won't pass it up.  Will you be joining in on the fun in March?  If you sign up let me know.  Use code ALT2013 to save 10% on the class!

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  1. Super interesting! I need to check it out!

    - Andrea Marie xx