how-to: set up a promo code

As the social director at Passionfruit, I get to see some of the customer support requests we get and one I have seen from some of our new users is a request in setting up promo codes.  Today I'm going to show you how running an advertising special or providing a swap code can be a simple and effective way to offer occasional discounts, return advertiser thank you codes and free trades.  This step-by-step walk through should get you up & running in offering discounts in no time.

From your dashboard jump to your site, look on the menu bar for site set up and select promo codes.

From your promo code menu you can view all codes created.  Their name, what spot they apply to, the discount amount and times used.  Scroll to the +Add a promo code button to get started.  (these codes pictured below are old and will not work on my blog if you try, in case you were wondering!)

I personally like to give my promo codes a fun name, but keep it what you want and make sure its something your advertisers can understand and be able to use at check out.  When you set up a new code you will need to make sure you fill out everything in the form below, if anything is missed or spelled wrong it can cause an incorrect code when trying to be used by others.

Promo code: 
this is the name you will use and give to your advertisers  
this is for you only, just as a reminder of what the code was  
Applies to: 
choose the defined ad spot that this code will work for (aka size)  
Flat discount or Percentage: 
is this a $ off amount or a % off amount being offered  
if you want this to be limited pick a number (like 10 uses) otherwise check unlimited

After you have verified that you input all the required information correctly, save your code.

Now when your advertisers go in to purchase an ad they will enter the promo code, if there is a partial discount it will be applied before they check out.  If it is a swap (aka 100% discount) it will take the entire amount off and take them to the thank you screen, both methods will await your approval before going live on the blog.

Not only do your advertisers love promo codes, but it can be great for your own business.  I like to offer them as a thank you to return advertisers and almost always see an ad renewal from them.  Think of fun ways you can use promo codes for your own blog- like adding in the code (in text form over your artwork) to your blog button that is on display in other bloggers sidebars.  If you have a promo see if any of the blogs you are advertising on will help share it with a simple tweet. 

Promos are a great tool & we hope you love them as much as we love helping you use them!


  1. UMMMM THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. :) this will come in SUPER handy.

  2. Great idea! Very handy, thank you!