weekend links / 09

First because it was hard to comment back to every one of you thank you from the bottom of my toes up to my heart for all the amazing birthday wishes.. it was a great day and I felt lots of warm gooey coming from you.  The good kind of warm gooey.  So thanks!!

This weekend was a little on the nut-so side of things.  Besides watching the farm alone while my parents are in Oklahoma for 6 days, I also shipped 265 LoveClub boxes... to say the least, for the love of Nick Noltes' mug shot, I'm haggard- tired and looking for something to spike my egg nog with.  

These things though, they make things better.

 2013 canning print calendar by the little canoe

dead sea balth salts by herbivore botanicals (love their packaging!)

- some wood pallet wall art (this is cute!)
- these peanut butter cup brownies, like right now.
- a knitted headband with this pattern
- 50 days of DIY projects for the holidays

- pretty pictures from an apple orchard
- some adorable little mint triangle earrings
- how gorgeous a recipe can look
- where all the cool mommas need to hang out at

- use these printable place cards
- read this funny list of don'ts!
- try to wrap your mind around this post & its 800+ comments
- swoon over every piece of jewelry

& my favorite blogs of the week
the secret life of bee, la designerie, a beautiful life, & gypsy in jasper

What are some new favorites of yours or things you have been up to that I should check out? Share below & have a great weekend xo


  1. katie marcus18 November, 2012

    That calendar is gorgeous! Off to check out all the links, you always find the best stuff xo

  2. Really cool stuff!

  3. I love the wrapping!


  4. Just opened so many tabs on my browser because of this post! Love the wrapping best.

  5. ok, i just spent way too much time reading all the comments on Erin's post. It was funny and interesting and made me feel really a little more normal =).

  6. Wow, Heather! Thank you so much for including me in your favourite blogs of the week. That was incredibly sweet.

    Also, this is a great idea for a post. Like the other ladies, I found myself overrun with tabs. There is so much goodness in one post!!

  7. Great list! I love that wrapping paper so much!