farm life

I mentioned before that I needed to create better habits as the new year approaches as opposed to making resolutions next year I will probably end up breaking.  One thing I wanted to make sure I do for myself is still allowing time to pursue hobbies, like taking more photos.  Since we will be moving to a new city in a few months (and are staying here until then), I want to make sure I enjoy this time out in the country, in the quiet, and on the farm.  Between feeding all the animals-collecting eggs-stepping in poo (yep!) and no longer being surprised by finding bits of straw in my hair, I took in the scenery.

We moved to Oregon from Southern California in '93 and lived on an old chicken farm next door before my parents split the property, sold the other place and built a new house when I was a freshman in high school.  It was the first brand new home I ever lived in and my parents are still here today.  I love how all the additions to make it a farm are collected, recycled, used and loved.  Everything here has been built and taken care of by both of my parents- the gates, the fences, the chicken coop, the gardens.. all lots of love, all lots of work. 

Are you a city dweller, a country folk.. or can you do both?


  1. I am more of a city dweller. I've never lived in the country .. For the most part. Like right now I love in Texas, but I live in the city. That's the closest I've been to it. I think I would enjoy the country for a vacation but I don't know if I could handle not living in a city. I was uncomfortable living in the suburbs, where everything was quieter.

  2. Country....Some of those pictures look so familar to me :) Rusty gates, fire wood, fence, and dried up sun flowers :) Have a happy Sunday! xx Holly

  3. lindsey burns18 November, 2012

    Pretty photos, what kind of camera do you use?

  4. Gorgeous photos, I loved growing up in farm land. There is always so much to see and look at.

  5. I'm such a city girl- to the point that I get a bit freaked out in the quiet, open land. :)

    Beautiful photos.