October- past, present & future

I was browsing through my posts from last October and realized so much has changed in just a year.  The last few months of the year are my favorite time to reflect and enjoy the season, now if fall would just get here!  I thought it would be fun to share what I was up to last year, this year and my hopes for next.

Last October I was:
- still using center text format for my post, uhhh?? silly.
- enjoying the fact that I still consumed dairy & lots of gluten worry free
- excited to have Ki offer up a copy of her magazine for a giveaway
- hosting the 'hang in my hood' series.. damn I should bring that back!
- busy making so many hair accessories and on an inspiration overload
- taking a road trip to portland to shoot my last wedding before I quit photography
- anxious to help others find resources for their own business
- co-hosting this fun pinterest diy project with gina every other week
- enjoying the beginning of fall
- hoping for a baby....

This October I am:
- looking forward for to autumn goodness
- working with some bigger brands that I adore & can't wait to share with you
- selling practically all of our belongings this weekend - crazy I know!
- downsizing our lives for winter (eep!)
- sending out the 5th installment of Love Club!
- still wishing for a babes.. but becoming ok without.

Next October I hope to:
- be loving the new city we choose to move too next year!
- get a new puppy.. for arthur of course, he needs a friend.
- be over my fear of flying and already have a few trips under my belt
- have a couple employees for justlovelythings, llc.. its growing so much I will need it!
- just.. be happy. super simple.

I don't want to make a link up for this, but would love to know how has your year changed? Let me know below or write up a post and share the link. xo


  1. I don't understand the centered text format on blogs. WHY???? So not reader friendly in my humble opinion. ;]

    1. I think the worst is when they are on the right side.. or when people switch it up all over the place in one post.. so hard to keep my attention!

  2. what a pleasant year.

  3. Yay to having employees! That is a goal of mine too. Giving up control is hard to do :). Also, the flying thing...I used to be really scared, but now I do it all the time. The more I fly the easier it is. And valium helps for days when I just don't feel like dealing with the plane :).

  4. katie marcus04 October, 2012

    love this idea!!! thanks =)

  5. Hey, I just discovered you idea this minute. I like the past, present, future mix.
    I just wrote a post about my October right now, my thought, what I see, what I like: http://skyturtle.net/dear-october/

    I recently got this 5 year diary from amazon. Every day you write a short paragraph, answering a question the diary asks you. Next year you write your new answer to the same question, see how you evolve. Pretty neat.

  6. Hi there...Just found you through Passionfruit...

  7. I finally had a chance to write mine and am linking up! Good luck with the baby making


  8. I wrote mine up! http://eef-etc.com/october-past-present-and-future/ Crazy how much changes in a year. Good luck with your goals! =]