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With everyone and their mom joining.  Really if my mom had access she would be in on this.  Instagram is becoming even more popular as each day passes.  Its a great way to take peeks into peoples lives (because let's face it we are nosey by nature), but its also a great tool to use to promote your business, photography skills or events going on.

With so many photo apps and fun things to try capturing, I wanted to show you a way to make sure when you post you don't have those dreaded black Instagram bars by posting horizontal photos from your iPhone.  There are a few apps for this- a popular one is squareready however I'm going to show you how to do it straight from your phone.

I've placed the instructions on the photos, but here is a quick run down as well.

Unless you want to adjust in instagram (zoom & post)- which could lose some of the detailing then hit up your camera roll and choose the photo that you know will have those bars if you post it (any horizontal photos).  So go and select a photo and in the top right corner tap edit.

Bottom right corner you will choose to crop your photo and instead of cropping you will choose constrain.

From that menu you are given a few options for the photo size, select square.  And with your finger slide the image around until you get want you want looking right.

Next up save and you are good to go- head on over to your instagram profile and tap the camera button to start a new image upload.

Instead of taking a photo you will select your storage and find where you saved the photo (most likely its in your camera roll) then select the image.  However, it won't be at the bottom of your photos like a new image taken goes, it will be in its original place.

From there make any filter adjustments as needed and post that bad boy up!  I ended up using this image in our @fawnandflora photo stream- you can follow there for some pretty supply updates or behind the scenes shots or if you aren't already follow me @thingslovely 


  1. Thanks for this tip! I tried using square ready app and couldn't get it right for the life of me! I'm deff using this!!

  2. you can also just pinch and zoom the photo when you select it in instagram..

    1. yep! i stated that =) this is so you dont have to zoom in so much and lose too much detail from the outer top/bottom parts of your image just a bit on the sides!

  3. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Great tip! I usually use another app for this, but this method is quite achievable & easier with just the default camera app!

  5. Never knew my iphone could do this!! Thanks!