lazy sunday project: mini-magnet diy

whoa.. look who brought back the lazy sunday project! today I'm showing you a super easy tutorial: fabric covered mini-magnets!  you can easily spruce up your fridge decor, give these as a gift or just have a fun craft night with the kids or girlfriends and whip up a batch of these.

first gather your supplies.. 

-fabric of choice (preferably lightweight cotton)
-cutting shears
-mod podge
-mini magnets
(i got mine at staples, but you can find these pretty much anywhere)

disregard the pen. i don't know why the pen is in this photo i'm pretty sure it just snuck in there and photo bombed this tutorial =)

cut a small shape of fabric (square-circle.. heck even a triangle! you get the idea) large enough to cover the top of your magnet.

with your print facing down, take a bit of the good gooey stuff (mod podge) and coat one side of your magnet.

flip it over and stick it to the fabric then flip the entire thing (magnet & fabric) back over so that it doesn't dry to your work area and repeat for all the little magnet/fabric combos you have chosen.

next take your mod podge again and give the top a good little coating and let dry.

while they are drying you are free to giggle at how they so cutely resemble condom packets =)

k lets get back to work people.. now super careful like just trim the excess material off the side as close to your magnet as possible.

booya!  you got yourself some cute mini-magnets.. and in honor of mother's day today...

(if you watch SNL then you will appreciate the above photo very much.)

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  1. LOL...I laughed so much at " say hi to your mother for me! "
    Last week we drove passed some goats and my 10 year old son rolled down the window and yelled, " Hey goats! I don't want to eat you. I want to be your friend! Say hi to your mother for me! "

    And PS....the magnets rock! I'm going to make some of these as I have about 3 dozen of those round magnets left over from another project. Thank for the tutorial! ♥

  2. Those are so cute, and they're perfect for beginners or all my friends who say "I'm not crafty." Thanks!

  3. Adorable!!!

    I wonder if Acrylic Matte Medium works similar to mod podge. Although I should have both in my stash!